Henry Kravis Prize goes to Pratham

One of the best ways to improve someone’s life is through early age education.  But sometimes there are situations where children don’t have the ability to attend school, no matter the harm it might do to their lives. Pratham works to fix this.  Focused on providing  education to underprivileged children in India, Pratham was established […]

New York Charity Makes Prom Dreams Come True

Most large charitable foundations have little problem getting good publicity, due at least partially to the scope and range of its operations. Whether it is providing much needed medical support or spurring on education, these powerfully generous organizations are well respected both in America and overseas. It is, therefore, important that time be spent honoring […]

African economic leaders will blaze their own trail for Africa’s future

Africa’s recent financial surge has caused a swift boom in African growth, to the point where it is currently the fastest growing area in the world. The exciting new opportunities are drawing considerable interest from venture capitalists all over the world, looking to take a bite out of the fresh new market. Philanthropists and charities […]

Missouri Charity Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded as a symbol of recognition for major contributions to peace across the world. Citing such awardees as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and President Barack Obama, the award is an unchallengeable emblem representing an individual or organization’s contributions to the world as a whole. Even to be cited among the […]

Mount Sinai Hospital, a piece of history

Led by philanthropist Sampson Simson, nine men gathered in 1852 with a vision of a Jews’ Hospital, a place where Jewish people who were unable to provide for themselves during their illnesses. As the population of New York City swelled to almost unmanageable numbers the doctors and experts found themselves treating more than just the […]