Missouri Charity Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded as a symbol of recognition for major contributions to peace across the world. Citing such awardees as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and President Barack Obama, the award is an unchallengeable emblem representing an individual or organization’s contributions to the world as a whole.

Even to be cited among the nominees for the award carries enormous prestige. Wings of Hope, a charity based out of St. Louis, Missouri, has been recognized for such a prestigious award. Due to the fact that is has contributed so much to the medical and educational needs of the profoundly destitute, Wings of Hope was nominated not just once, but twice consecutively over the years of 2011 and 2012.

Providing truly free health care and air transportation services, Wings of Hope also works in community enrichment programs and educational systems on a global level to bring hope to the people who need it most. It is amazing to see such a passionate group of individuals working so hard to better the lives of people who don’t even belong to the same country as the organization.

While wars are being fought across the globe, and hate is being spread so generously, it is very uplifting to see such a courageous and giving group of people fighting so hard to bring a message of peace and love to third world countries and destitute nations.

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