The Buffett/Gates pledge

In this economy, it’s a real challenge for anyone to part with a portion of their money to help charitable causes. Charity and philanthropy, then, are all the more inspiring in a time where money is most needed. While Americans may hear about the rich giving away some of their hard earned money as a method of easing the blow on tax season, no one can argue that the eighty one billionaires signing on to the Buffett and Gates pledge are doing so only for the tax breaks.

With such precedents as Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, billionaires are encouraging each other to give away half of their net worth before they die. The goal is to see just how much good the super-rich can do in the world with their billions of dollars.

It’s encouraging to see names that have been involved in such major corporations as Pay Pal, Google, the car company Tesla, and Microsoft pledging to do so much for the world around them. Signing on to the Buffett and Gates pledge is just further proof of how much of an impact these individuals have on all of our lives.

The truth is that this money could not come at a better time. The funding going towards schools and education means that our upcoming youth is going to have a better chance in the world. With a generation that just doesn’t have money to put away for their children’s education, it’s a relief to see a group of philanthropists take up such a hefty banner.


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