New York Charity Makes Prom Dreams Come True

Most large charitable foundations have little problem getting good publicity, due at least partially to the scope and range of its operations. Whether it is providing much needed medical support or spurring on education, these powerfully generous organizations are well respected both in America and overseas. It is, therefore, important that time be spent honoring the small causes as well as the vast.

A national charity started in Florida is helping high school senior girls with getting dresses for the all-important rite of passage known as prom. While it isn’t discovering a cure for cancer, “Becca’s Closet” is still bringing happiness to the financially troubled all over the United States. By doing its part to make these girls’ dreams come true, the foundation is offering assistance in an often times overlooked portion of American living.

Charities assist many different groups of people in many different arenas, both large and small. It is vital to give these charitable organizations the recognition they deserve, no matter the area of life in which they offer relief. It is estimated that the average home in the United States spends over one thousand dollars on prom, which is one of the only nationally renowned rites of passage teenage girls have in America. The burden on families in this increasingly difficult economy grows every year, and any organization that eases such a weight is to be commended.

Becca’s Closet was founded in 2003, and has helped thousands of families enjoy this time honored tradition together. Often shopping together, recipients of aid from this group form bonds that will last a life time.


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