Man buys out KMart, and donates it all to charity

The world is home to some pretty charitable people. A K-Mart in Clark Country, Kentucky, has fallen victim to the economy, and was liquidating its stock before going out of business. A wealthy local businessman stopped by, looking for a few good deals, and walked out with everything. No seriously, the gentleman emptied the store. […]

Philanthropy Northwest Offers Glance at two years of philanthropy

Philanthropy Northwest’s biennial report was recently released this month, detailing and summarizing the generosity of this region of the United States. Sadly, not all philanthropic news in the northwest is good, as overall donations dipped 23.5 percent in 2010 from 2008, totaling only $1.08 billion. Due to the current economy, operating costs, and other uncontrollable […]

Lucas gives back in the face of rejection

Due to complaints from his neighbors, George Lucas had to cancel the construction plans for his new state of the art digital studio. Afraid of lower residential property values and increased foot traffic, Lucas’ neighbors have been blocking his actions with petitions and council meetings. In retaliation, Lucas decided to do something pretty generous: he is […]

Seattle’s GiveBIG a big success

We recently discussed Seattle’s GiveBIG movement, a now annual event where residents of western Washington come together to give back to the community over the internet. This year, it was promised that GiveBIG would match charitable donations up to five hundred thousand dollars, and the foundation delivered on their promise. Then, due to the amazing […]

China develops new Philanthropy practices

America donated $291 billion to charitable causes over 2010. This was divided among 308.7 million people, for a rough average of one thousand dollars donated per person. China’s population, a staggering 1.3 billion, produced a mere $16.4 billion, for an average of thirteen dollars per person. It’s not that China doesn’t know how to generate income; […]

Obama gives address at Holocaust Museum

Atrocities happen every day, and if we don’t stay vigilant mass atrocities could happen again. Genocide isn’t simply something that happens in the past.  It’s apparent that President Barack Obama agrees, as he delivered a major address at the United State Holocaust Memorial Museum last week discussing the administration’s strategy to prevent and respond to […]

Historic Park Ridge Orphanage is shutting its doors

A nonprofit orphanage inIllinoishas unfortunately been forced to shut its doors this year after providing leading care to abandoned and abused children since the early 1870’s. Established originally to protect and nurture girls who had been orphaned due to the civil war, the Park Ridge orphanage, like many businesses and foundations around America, have fallen victim […]