GiveBIG’s second year promises to spur excitement for Seattle charities

On May 2nd, theSeattle foundation pledges to partially match all donations Seattle residents make online. Residents are encouraged to do what they can to assist over 1,200 charities of their choosing. Such a show of solidarity means that your five dollar contribution is made next to thousands of others all showing support for nonprofit causes around the Seattle area. The event is held and monitored over the internet, making this project accessible and easy for every would-be middle class and above philanthropist.

Last year, contributors gave anywhere from five dollars to an incredible sixty thousand dollars. At the start of the program last year, the goal was to attain one million dollars in donations. The amazing residents ofSeattleand the surrounding area, as well as some donors around the country, managed to amass over triple that amount, for an impressive total of 3.7 million.

This year,Seattle’s GiveBIG is asking forSeattle to match last year’s donations, but the truth is that charitable causes from education to the environment, from art to family planning, require more help than ever. In the present failing economy, causes like Planned Parenthood need more assistance than they ever have before. In the face of mounting litigation, costs, and other uncontrollable expenses and hardships, these charitable groups need more assistance than even last year. Admittedly, giving isn’t easy for anyone. It’s ironic that when it’s hardest to give, the money we give does the most good.


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