Boss of Alaskan Charity indicted

Sending care packages to soldiers overseas is one of the many national charities that Americans contribute to regularly. These packages contain food from home, video games, and other such items that give war torn soldiers a little piece of relaxation to enjoy when they aren’t on the front lines. It’s a tragedy in the charity world, then, when Alaskan charity boss Frank Roach was brought in on charges of theft in the first degree and embezzlement.

Prosecutors say that the man’s only source of income was stealing from his own charity, called Alaska Veteran Outreach Boxes for Heroes. One employee called in the scam to local authorities, stating that he believed the majority of the capital earned through phone solicitations as well as through local retail stores was being used to fund Roach’s dinners on the town, as well as his apartment and several luxury items, instead of being used to send packages to soldiers overseas.

Several members of AVOBH were brought in on charges, though Roach himself will be arraigned on nine separate counts on Tuesday. In today’s economy, it’s really hard to give the little most Americans can afford these days. It’s such a shame, then , that some charities are being used to line the pockets of their founders. AVOBH has shut its doors while dealing with these allegations, after being founded in 2010. It’s likely that if their founder is discovered to be guilty, those doors may never open again. Hopefully this case is a warning, so that this kind of event does not happen again.

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