Seattle’s GiveBIG a big success

We recently discussed Seattle’s GiveBIG movement, a now annual event where residents of western Washington come together to give back to the community over the internet. This year, it was promised that GiveBIG would match charitable donations up to five hundred thousand dollars, and the foundation delivered on their promise. Then, due to the amazing success of the day of giving, they turned around and gave even more.

The people of Seattle were generous enough, managing to double last year’s donations, finishing the day at over $7.4 million donations to charitable causes beneficial to America. The goal of GiveBIG was to come in strong and match last year’s numbers, but Seattle did them one better. GiveBIG then did more than they promised in return. Working with local businesses and stretching their own pockets, the incredible foundation came up with an additional three hundred thousand dollars of donation matching, for a total of $800,000

It’s easy to quote financial hardships as a reason for not giving back to the community, but both Seattle as a whole and the foundations that represent it made no excuses. Instead, they produced results. It’s an awe inspiring display of generosity that hopefully will be noticed around the nation. GiveBIG gave a chance for everyone to contribute what they could to the causes that needed the most help, and Seattle showed just how generous it could be. It’s exciting looking forward to what the charity will do in years to come. My personal hope is that they expand their grasp and reach out to other cities and states soon, so that America as a whole can show its charitable spirit.


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