Lucas gives back in the face of rejection

Due to complaints from his neighbors, George Lucas had to cancel the construction plans for his new state of the art digital studio. Afraid of lower residential property values and increased foot traffic, Lucas’ neighbors have been blocking his actions with petitions and council meetings. In retaliation, Lucas decided to do something pretty generous: he is currently in the process of selling the land to an organization building houses for public housing.

It’s sad that Lucas’ plans for the studio were beat down, as it was promised to create over 500 new jobs for Americans who desperately need the work. The studio was also going to be grounds for an incredible opportunity for new movies. And, as it turns out, Lucas’ ex-neighbors are getting more than they bargained for when they turned down Lucas’ studio.

Lucas could have decided to do a lot of things with his land, or nothing at all, but he chose to make his land a benefit for the impoverished in America, and there’s never been a better time to give the poor a hand. While Lucas’ spite for his neighbors most probably was a factor in why he made that decision, his philanthropy will certainly not go amiss. It’s happy that an unfortunate event will go to benefit the poor.

There’s still time for Lucas’ neighbors to rethink their denial of the studio while Lucas waits for the sale to process, but hopefully his neighbors will stick to their guns.




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