Philanthropy Northwest Offers Glance at two years of philanthropy

Philanthropy Northwest’s biennial report was recently released this month, detailing and summarizing the generosity of this region of the United States. Sadly, not all philanthropic news in the northwest is good, as overall donations dipped 23.5 percent in 2010 from 2008, totaling only $1.08 billion. Due to the current economy, operating costs, and other uncontrollable factors, most businesses and corporations simply don’t have the capital to spend on charity.

Most of the money that was donated, was fortunately given to where it was most needed. Thirty percent of all charitable dollars donated in the northwest were to education. When the economy is giving everyone a hard time, it’s important to make sure that our future gets the best education they can. If education takes a hit, then over all, our children will not have the skills they need to overcome the problems that they will have to fight.

The education dollars were mainly donated to colleges and universities, with seventy percent finding itself spent there. A mere fourteen percent was sent to K-12 schools, with the remainder being sent to after school activities and services. Another eighteen percent was donated to human services, such as health care, mental health, and  social services.

While philanthropy may not measure up in the northwest to what it did two years ago, it’s good to see the effort that is bein put up. With some dedication and sacrifice, perhaps we can pick it up again over these next to years.

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