Kids give back to adult literacy


School age donors have really dug into their pockets this year. The Hill School’s Student Philanthropy Council in Potts, Pennsylvania has managed to raise over ten thousand dollars that they broke up into four grants given to local businesses. The primary cause they chose to benefit is poetic, in its own way. The high schoolers have chosen to benefit the adult literacy programs in Pennsylvania.

It’s heart warming that teenagers who are receiving a good education and a successful life are giving out of their own pockets in order to help people who may have let their own education fall by the wayside when they were young. Adult literacy is a legitimate need in Pennsylvania, as they have a high presence in the east coast state. The money will be put to good use too; It will be used to buy new computers and computer accessories for the school the charity friendly teens are donating to.

In addition to adult literacy, The Hill School is also donating to EmployNet, a company that focuses on developing job skills and fighting unemployment. It seems like a natural choice to add to their other philanthropic endeavors. EmployNet will use the grant to increase the quality of their classroom lessons and workshops training adults young and old valuable job skills, fighting back against mounting unemployment.

These kids are learning social responsibility and giving back at an earlier age than most: Indeed, some Americans never learn this crucial lesson at all. It’s a pleasant story to hear out of Pennsylvania, and I hope the students continue their philanthropic endeavors, even after they graduate.


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