Man buys out KMart, and donates it all to charity

The world is home to some pretty charitable people. A K-Mart in Clark Country, Kentucky, has fallen victim to the economy, and was liquidating its stock before going out of business. A wealthy local businessman stopped by, looking for a few good deals, and walked out with everything.

No seriously, the gentleman emptied the store.

Rankin Paynter a wealthy Kentucky businessman, was looking to save a buck or two with some good bargains typically found in stores that are closing, when he asked about the fate of the items that don’t sell. The clerk at the register replied that normally power buyers came in and bought out the rest of the merchandise. Paynter thought he could put the items to better use. With the help of several employees and four cash registers, Paynter spent six hours buying everything in sight.

When he was done, he was the proud new owner of everything that was remaining in that K-Mart, totalling well over two hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise. Paynter then turned around and donated the entire stash to community services, so that they could get that merchandise to people who who could use it in these times.

Instead of some reseller getting ahold of the items at a really cheap price and selling them somewhere else, Paynter made sure that stuff got to people who needed it, people who have very little hope in today’s America. My hat is off to Mr. Paynter, and I’m sure families all over Kentucky are enormously grateful to his incredible generosity.

Paynter owns a successful jewelry store, where he sees people coming in to sell their old jewelry.


One thought on “Man buys out KMart, and donates it all to charity

  1. Paynter’s generous act is genius; it’s out-of-the-box and unexpected. Just a living proof that all you need in order to do great things in life is an IDEA.

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