A feast of philanthropic proportions

August of last year saw nineteen chefs coming together to do something amazing. In Bangkok, they threw a charitable dinner to raise some 12 million baht in one evening to invest in the local education system, hoping to enrich the lives of children everywhere. Not only did wealthy philanthropists get to enjoy an amazingly prepared meal, they also rested assured that their money was going to a very worthy cause.

On August 17th, the city of Angels will be the host of a repeat of magnanimity from this amazing team of chefs. Since the event’s inception four years ago, the dinner has been a hallmark and a celebrated event for the generous all over Bangkok. Expected to seat over 370 people, the dinner will include nine wine paired courses of amazing food, and will continue to support the impoverished all over the country.

While Australian bush lime salad and Atlantic lobster will be joining the menu, the event will still follow trends popular in Bangkok. While the team of nineteen chefs are incredibly adventurous with their culinary mastery, they want to make sure that the guests enjoy the food. This is only more important because of the charitable nature of this event.

While philanthropy is the guest of honor at this event, the diners deserve equal respect and honor, and the chefs hope not to disappoint. Hopefully this amazing event will continue years in to the future, and continue to benefit such an amazing cause.


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