Philly Drake, philanthropist, dies at 85

At eighty five, Philly Drake was active in Philanthropy and as a patron of the arts right until she passed away. One of the leading contributors and founding supporters of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Mrs. Drake was well regarded as a generous supporter of the arts in Saratoga, New York. Redefining the word “dedicated”, Philly Drake was someone that the community could always turn to, ever since her first fundraiser for the Performing Arts Center back in 1962.

She and her late husband were known as the champions of charity in Saratoga, working with acting troupes to girl scout troupes, from funding shows to being a legendary lover of door to door girl scout cookies. The best part of Mrs. Drake was that, while the community knew of Philly Drake’s generosity, the media was directed more at the donation or event itself, rather than adding to Mrs. Drake’s recognition.

Drake’s disinterest in the recognition that her contributions decidedly deserved only adds to the respect Philly Drake is due. Her interest was purely in rendering what assistance she could to causes that needed the aid. While philanthropists doing the right thing for any reason is respectable, it’s humbling to find someone who does the right things for the right reasons. Hopefully, Mrs. Philly Drake’s commendable services and charity will not die with her, but rather be remembered as an amazing legacy that to this day does much for the community she loved.


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