Bill Gates meets business heads in India to discuss Philanthropy

In a completely media-black out event, Bill Gates met with several heads of companies in India to discuss philanthropy and raise charity awareness in India. The Gates foundation issued a statement that said, “This is a private discussion of philanthropy and social service in India. It is an opportunity for a great group of philanthropists to share ideas and experiences about giving with each other. Out of respect for their privacy, we will not be sharing the names of attendees.”

Bill Gates is legendary in the world of philanthropy, pledging to give away the vast majority of his fortune to charitable foundations before  the end of his life. Having encouraged many millionaires and billionaires in the United States to do the same, now the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is going international to spread the message all over the world.

While it’s unfortunate the media wasn’t invited to the event, it’s good that Indian business owners and CEOs are taking such an active role in their community, and are looking for ways to better their own country. That this meeting is even happening is a testament to the charitable nature of these well off businessmen. Whatever was said behind closed doors, one thing is sure. India will have wonderful charitable news coming from the country in the near future.

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