Charity presses for mandatory microchipping of all dogs in the United Kingdom

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has been assisting the vision impaired with attaining a bit of normalcy in their lives for years by introducing service animals into their lives. These animals help the blind be wary of unseen dangers, as well as navigating their homes. The lives of the blind have been dramatically aided by these canine companions, and tragically, these animals are being assaulted by other dogs in the neighborhood.

As many as eight of these attacks a month are reported, and for the most part, they go unprosecuted, as the canines have no way of being tracked or identified. Defenders of the dogs are putting pressure on law makers to introduce legislation mandating tracking of all canines in the United Kingdom.

While it is tragic that guide dogs are getting attacked on the streets, the proposal by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association may be venturing into overkill territory. The UK’s government has already increased the severity of existing legislation, making a compromise between the previous situation and what the charity is asking for. The issue is the raw infeasibility and cost of such a measure.

While it’s true that the attacks on seeing eye dogs are tragic, surely there exists an answer to this problem without forcing every dog owner on the planet to pay large amounts of money in to getting their pets tagged.


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