Popcap Games ties Charity in to a World Record Competition

A new record will be entered in to the hallowed halls of the Guiness Book of World Records this month when two women will compete to see how long they can consecutively play a card game called Solitaire Blitz. The book holding frivolous yet interesting records from all over the world might be looked down on as a simple point of interest or discussion, but this record stands apart for several reasons. For one, it’s a direct competition from two women a world apart from the other, and for another, it’s all for a good cause.

In addition to challenging two women, one in New York, and one in London, to playing a video game for thirty hours straight, Popcap games will also be donating a sum of money to Charity: Water for each hour the two women play. Charity: Water is world renowned for providing a source of clean, drinkable water to third world countries all over the globe.

At minimum, Popcap Games will donate $10,000 to Charity: Water. Hopefully these women will persevere through it and raise that sum to a much more hefty one. It isn’t often that someone is given the chance to give back to their community simply by playing a video game. Popcap wins points for originality, at the very least. Now, who says too much video games are bad for you?


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