United Way gives more money to less causes

No one can really blame America for lower philanthropic donations since the recession in 2007. Businesses that no one expected to fail suddenly found themselves bankrupt, and it was an unsteady time both for businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, this chain of events has led to some charities having to make some hard choices on how to distribute their donations. The United Way, who historically has been a benefactor of causes big and small, decided to focus on bigger causes, leaving some foundations behind.

While it’s always unfortunate to see some philanthropic cause or another fall by the wayside, it opens the door for the United Way to start giving bigger amounts to the biggest problems plaguing primarily urban areas in the United States. Combating poverty and illness, as well as homelessness, is important to dedicate large amounts to.

In addition to helping a lower amount of causes, United Way is requiring grant recipients to show positive use of the funds that are given to them. As those grants are being fought for by more causes than ever, it’s important that the people who do receive the money put it to a good use, or when the grant is up, United Way may be benefiting a different cause instead.

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