Nonprofit Hospitals are in for Hard Times

It’s a bad time to be a nonprofit hospital. According to the credit-rating agency Moody’s, healthcare policymakers will have to reevaluate their policies regardless of whether Obama’s healthcare reform does eventually get enacted. At the time that Moody’s reported this, the Supreme Court’s decision on the reforms wasn’t yet known. With hindsight, however, we know […]

Is privatization a good thing for hospitals?

Whenever a hospital moves to being for-profit there is nearly always a corresponding outcry among the patients and staff. Why is there such an uproar over treating patients and getting a profit? The answer may have something to do with the Hippocratic Oath. There’s a fear that for-profit hospitals offer  treatment or medicine solely because […]

Philanthropy and Trash Collection Fees

It is not uncommon for legislators to put something unpopular at the end of a popular proposal. And the recent garbage collection fee targeting universities, religious institutions and nonprofits in New York is clearly not popular, at least according to the July 4th Wall Street Journal. What is this fee? It’s a fee that, so […]