Philanthropy and The Sevenly Approach

My Autism Speaks T- Shirt is one of my favorites. I bought it from someone who was promoting Autism Awareness awhile back, mostly because it made me think about a boy my wife helped take care of. He had two sisters, and a severe case of Autism and other disorders. At one point, no one was sure if he would get to live with his family.

It was that family that introduced me to Autism Speaks. So often, we are not even aware of a charity or its benefits and need for funding until we see its results first hand.  While some may argue that charities make people dependent groups like Autism speaks actually provide a service to society that gives people like his family a chance and means to raise their children rather than an institution.  But very few people actually know about the charity.

That’s where Southern California-based startup Sevenly comes in. According to Forbes online, Dale Partridge and Ryan wood use T-Shirts to raise awareness of charities, and make people more aware that there is a need for generosity.

Their model is simple, feature a charity on their site with custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing. Does it work?  Well, according to Forbes it does:

“All the numbers are impressive, but possibly the most striking statistic about the startup’s early success is that 26% of their consumer base donated to a charity for the first time, after they heard about a cause they cared about on the Sevenly site.”

Read the entire piece here.


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