Is privatization a good thing for hospitals?

Whenever a hospital moves to being for-profit there is nearly always a corresponding outcry among the patients and staff.

Why is there such an uproar over treating patients and getting a profit? The answer may have something to do with the Hippocratic Oath. There’s a fear that for-profit hospitals offer  treatment or medicine solely because it is profitable rather than because it is needed.  Experts point to an increase in optional surgeries as well.

But there are benefits from local hospitals being privatized. The increase in money often allows facilities to increase in size, change out equipment for more modern machines, and add specialized care like cardiac care or trauma care centers- often allowing local patients to avoid having to travel multiple hours for emergencies.  In an emergency, would you rather be flown out of state or far north, or be driven by ambulance a few extra miles?

If properly applied, privatizing a hospital may give it access to very valuable resources that public funding simply no longer has access to.


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