Dan Sutch at the UK Guardian recently laid out a wealth of ways that charities are currently working with technology to improve themselves.  One of the best ways, obviously, is through social media.

Social media allows charities to do more than just make connections with donors, Sutch explains, they also allow for people within the charity to meet and discuss ideas with people outside of their organization who might have some sort of knowledge or insight into what they’re trying to do.  These “personal learning networks” can help organizations solve problems that can seem daunting otherwise.

Say, for example, you want to help people in your area.  Having access to people who already work in the field can help you to realize what’s already being done so that you don’t duplicate existing efforts. But more importantly, knowing people who think differently from you can help you look at problems in a completely new light.  Brainstorming solutions that are outside of the box is much easier when everyone involved in the conversation already exists outside of it.

Technology also provides a wealth of information.  The internet is full of data about trends, populations, and behaviors that is just waiting to be utilized properly.  But such information is hard to understand on your own, it really requires a group of people analyzing and looking into it to understand the issues at hand.   Luckily, in the modern age, all it takes to get a group together is a little bit of reaching out.


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  1. Great blog post! I agree, reaching out and conversing with people in the community is one of the best things charities can do. It is a good way to gain feedback and a great way to help answer the question: what isn’t out there already? You can never go wrong with stirring up talk on the cause you are working for.

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