Nudie Calendar, Anyone?

These days, if you want to raise money for charity, it seems the way to go is by making a nude—or nearly nude—calendar and donating the proceeds. At least that’s what Laura Brown of Barenaked Caving Calendar has done. It’s also why two-dozen British women have created the calendar “Game Birds.”


Barenaked Caving was created in order to help raise funds for cave rescue charities, and currently all its proceeds are going to the Cave Rescue Organization and the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team. Both organizations are dedicated to cave rescue missions, which help to save cavers who have become stranded.


A caver as well as a photographer, Laura Brown says she and her friends have gotten into tight situations before and have had to call on rescue operations to save them. So, she created Barenaked Caving, which shows both men and women caving without any clothing on at all. She says of the calendar, “I wanted to do something for this great cause while raising a few smiles.”


Similarly, Game Birds is raising funds to donate to a local air rescue ambulance. Last year, Richard Warr—a friend of the ladies—was killed after a car crash and had to be airlifted to a hospital. Sadly, he died soon after, along with friend Claire Barlow.


Game Birds is also serving as a memorial to him, combining two of his favorite things—women and country sports. 100 percent of the proceeds for the calendar will be donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.


Both calendars can be purchased online, for those wishing to get a full look at the saucy pictures and help out charity at the same time. So, do you prefer cavers or country sports?


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