Public Housing Cuts Continue

As the U.S. economy continues its slow rise back to where we were before the crash of 2008, many government-run organizations are facing continued cuts to funding. Public housing is one of those organizations, that has had severe cutbacks forced on them, but many are rising to the occasion and working to make themselves more […]

Therapy Dog Helps Kids Talk, Read

Boo is a 12-year-old black lab mutt who has a learning disability. It took over two years to learn to “sit” and “stay,” but now he’s working miracles left and right. Lisa Edwards is Boo’s trainer, and suffers from dyslexia. She authored the memoir, A Dog Named Boo: How One Dog and One Woman Rescued […]

Alicia Keys on HIV/AIDS

When we hear the name “Alicia Keys,” chances are, we think of the 14-time Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, actress, and author. But Alicia Keys is also much more than all that: she’s a powerful force for good in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She is the founder and a Global Ambassador for the non-profit, Keep a […]

World Help Admits Overstatement of Donations

Last tax season, World Help reported over $227 million to the IRS in donated medical goods during 2011—which was apparently a huge overstatement. Yesterday the nonprofit announced that its actual donated goods only amount to $104 million, less than half of their previous report. They are in the process of filing an amended tax return, […]