Shakira and Gerard Piqué Host Charity Baby Shower

International singing sensation Shakira is very pregnant and was due on Tuesday, January 22—if her baby belly didn’t already give that away. And while she’s likely buys with preparations for her own first child, that hasn’t stopped her from doing some charity work at the same time.


We’re sure she’s already had her own baby shower, but she wanted one more—a virtual baby shower. But the beneficiary isn’t her baby, it’s underprivileged babies around the world. Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué have joined with UNICEF to help babies with not-so-glamorous home lives survive. Shakira herself is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.


Fans of both Shakira and Piqué (who is an FC Barcelona soccer star) have been invited to visit the virtual shower. When they enter the “room,” they’ll have the chance to learn about infant survival as well as purchase an “inspirational gift.” These gifts range from $5 to $110 and cover needs like mosquito nets, polio vaccines, infant scales, and food for malnourished babies and children. They will be distributed to babies around the world that are most in need of help. All gifts will be delivered through UNICEF Networks.


“Every couple that’s expecting a baby shares our same dreams and hopes for their children,” Shakira said. “However, many don’t have the same opportunities we do to give them a happy childhood free of preventable and easily cured illnesses. Together we can change that.”


Shakira’s gynecologist had scheduled the labor for Tuesday because of the baby’s large size and the lateness of her pregnancy. The happy couple expected to give birth at any time Tuesday in Barcelona, Spain.


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