Nonprofits Increasing Hiring in 2013

Good news this year for those looking to find a job in the nonprofit sector. A new survey has found that about 44% of nonprofit groups plan on hiring additional workers in 2013. Nonprofits in the areas of health, environment, and animal welfare were the top three causes that were likely to hire new workers.


Just two years ago, that percentage was a shallow 33%. This burst in hiring is likely a sign that nonprofits are feeling more confident about the state of the U.S. economy and are stable enough to bring in more staff members. Unfortunately, some nonprofits are still finding that they can’t afford to bring in new employees even when old ones leave. That leads to reassignment of duties, stretching workers thin and often leading to the loss of even more employees.


And though hiring is up, programs for employee retention are down. Last year, about 23% of nonprofits had programs designed specifically for hanging on to employees; this year only 10% of nonprofits reported formal programs for this. This is particularly worrisome when young employees choose to move on instead of sticking around. As the baby boomer generation grows older and closer to retirement, many nonprofits find themselves without much of a plan for leadership succession.


This year will see a significant amount of nonprofits adding on more jobs, though, which means that employee pools will grow. As leadership ages, it’s possible that those nonprofits that are expanding will be able to promote and train younger members, preparing them for a larger leadership role.


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