Red Hook Senior Center Relocated With $2 M Fund

Superstorm Sandy

Last Friday, May 23rd, was a happy day for many Red Hook senior citizens: NYCHA announced the relocation of the RAICES Red Hook Senior Citizens Program, which was devastated by Superstorm Sandy last October. The storm destroyed the previous senior center, which had served about 100 seniors within its daily programs. “We are delighted that […]

Gucci Funds Huge Celebrity Concert to Help Women

Chime For Change, founded by Gucci

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has founded a charitable effort called Chime for Change, bring together some of the biggest celebrities and activists worldwide to draw attention to the disadvantages women and girls face globally.  The project is organizing a major concert event called “Sound of Change Live” in London this weekend that will be broadcast […]

Buffett Auction Hopes For Millions

Warren Buffett

Every year, the Glide Foundation auctions off a lunch with Warren Buffett to help raise money for helping the poor and homeless in San Francisco. Every year, the amount seems to grow bigger and bigger. This year, they’re hoping for another big bidder. Last year, the winning bid was $3,456,789. And for the past five […]

Kids Give Back, Too

We Day was celebrated by over 150,000 kids at Seattle's Key Arena.

They might not be old enough to have a job, but there are a lot of kids who want to “give back.”  Are they old enough to have anything worth giving?  They would tell you they do.  They give their time and love. In a heartwarming story, a nine-year-old Australian boy named Mac Miller started […]

Half the Sky Movement Empowers Women with Facebook Game

Social media

  Social media is one of the most powerful tools that charitable causes can use to ignite a base of young people eager to be inspired and take action.  Today, mothers and children are bonding over a new breed of games on Facebook that raise awareness about poverty and women’s rights issues all over the […]

Ben Affleck Teams Up With TOMS

More than likely, you’ve heard the names Ben Affleck and TOMS before. Affleck is a well-known actor, director and philanthropist who recently took the “Live Below the Line” challenge. TOMS is a shoe brand that donates a new pair of shoes to an impoverished child every time it sells a pair. Now the two are […]

“These Birds Walk” Highlights Pakistan’s Hero of the Poor

Recently the South by Southwest film festival showcased a documentary titled “These Birds Walk”, giving Americans a glimpse into the lives of runaways and orphans in Pakistan and the surrogate family figures that care for them.  The attention of the documentary is poised to elevate the international status of Abdul Sattar Edhi, heralded by some […]

Likes Don’t Save Lives

It’s easy to feel like an activist with social media constantly at our twitching fingertips. We wait for a cause, a status, a picture, a meme, or a video that catches our attention—and then we “like” it, comment on it, or maybe even share it. Do those simple actions directly save lives? Of course not. […]