50 Things To Do

Britain’s National Trust has come up with a new way to try and get kids back outside and active instead of stuck on the computer all day. The Trust has created a list entitled “50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4,” and so far it seems to be working. Many kids have completed the bucket list and are looking for more.

The list includes 50 things that all kids should do before they reach 11 3/4

The British National Trust is working to get kids outdoors.

The list included things like climbing a tree, rolling down a big hill, hunting for treasure on the beach, going behind a waterfall, watching the sun come up, and planting, growing, and eating your own food. The best part is that when kids got done with the initial list, they (ironically) used social media to collaborate on more adventures to get them away from social media.

The 50 Things website offers even more resources to help encourage kids to get outside and play, like the helpful “Outdoors Explorer” and the promise of more “hidden secret challenges” that can be unlocked by completing each item on the list. Kids can win special certificates, games, and more just by participating. The website also helps kids track their progress, provides activity sheets to complete, and includes tips on where best to complete each adventure.

The National Trust is also offering free scrapbooks for kids participating in the 50 Things challenge, and they can be picked up at any National Trust site (sadly, since it’s a British organization that means the scrapbooks aren’t available to kids in the U.S.).

Lists like this one not only help kids get outside, but they also help kids find things to do when they are “bored.” Sometimes it can be hard to think of a fun new adventure, so having a resource like this helps kids do new things they might never have even though of before.

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