Pushups for Charity

What can you do in 90 seconds? This is the question the Pushups for Charity is asking people around the world. The program is in its fourth year and has raised over $1,000,000 to date to go toward charity. This year, they hope to raise even more.

Pushups for Charity is an annual event that is happening this month all across the United States. Money raised this year will go toward the Boot Campaign, a national nonprofit organization that assists wounded military personnel and their families. The Boot Campaign provides jobs, mortgage-free homes, and PTSD & Spouse Survivor Counseling for vets and their families.

woman doing pushups at beach

Pushups for Charity challenges participants to do as many pushups as possible in 90 seconds.
Image: Shutterstock

So how does it work? Those interested in helping have a few options. First, they can register to participate in a Pushups for Charity Challenge event. Registration is free, and the program simply asks that participants ask family, friends and associates to donate either a small amount for each pushup or a flat amount to the cause. Come challenge day, participants do as many pushups as they can to raise as much money as possible.

Business owners, particularly fitness centers, can help by hosting a Pushups for Charity Challenge event. This basically involves gathering as many people as possible who have gathered pledges and hosting a formal “event” to see how many pushups they can each do. As an added bonus, the business can then pair its name with Pushups for Charity/Boot Campaign to earn respect and community involvement.

Lastly, people can simply donate to the cause if they don’t want to participate as hosts or pushup-ers. The Pushups for Charity website has a “donate” tab where users can easily make a donation to the Crowdrise campaign. Currently, the group has raised about $83,000 or its $1 million goal.


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