Ben Affleck Teams Up With TOMS

Actor/director Ben Affleck

Actor/director Ben Affleck
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More than likely, you’ve heard the names Ben Affleck and TOMS before. Affleck is a well-known actor, director and philanthropist who recently took the “Live Below the Line” challenge. TOMS is a shoe brand that donates a new pair of shoes to an impoverished child every time it sells a pair. Now the two are teaming up for a new effort to support those living in poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Affleck founded a charity called the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) in order to provide aid to the Congolese people, who are currently living in a war-torn and deeply impoverished nation.

“Getting involved in something, helping others, improving the fabric of the universe—I believe if you do that, even just a little bit, I think you’ll find your life gets better, too,” said Affleck.

TOMS and Affleck's ECI have teamed up in a new project to support Congolese people.

TOMS and Affleck’s ECI have teamed up in a new project to support Congolese people.

And he’s following his own advice. He recently collaborated with TOMS on a new project: together they’ve designed a new limited edition TOMS shoe collection. The shoes feature vibrant patterns inspired by Congolese textiles, making them unique and beautiful. TOMS has promised to donate a new pair of shoes (as they already do) and donate $5 toward ECI programs per pair sold.

For those that live in cities, it’s not hard to walk down the street and count dozens of people wearing the TOMS brand. Hopefully, TOMS fans will be excited to get their hands on the limited edition pairs, if not for the charity then for the beautiful fabrics. The shoes range from $59 to $79 per pair. The women’s pattern features blue, green and orange stripes, while the two men’s styles are black with yellow, red, and black-patterned stripes.


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