Kids Give Back, Too

They might not be old enough to have a job, but there are a lot of kids who want to “give back.”  Are they old enough to have anything worth giving?  They would tell you they do.  They give their time and love.

In a heartwarming story, a nine-year-old Australian boy named Mac Miller started raising money for kids around the world who are too poor to play soccer.  Mac is an avid soccer player himself, and he wants all kids to be able to enjoy the love he has for the game.

giving back

Many kids these days are learning early how to give back.
Image: Shutterstock

He hit his first goal to give 100 soccer balls to kids in Tarin Kot, Afghanistan.

“I’m really grateful to the Defense Minister, the Honorable Stephen Smith and the Australian soldiers for taking the soccer balls to Afghanistan.  It was amazing to see the kids get the balls.  They looked so excited,” said Miller.

He has also been working with the local Rotary Club to bring 60 soccer balls to children in the Soloman Islands.  He requests that you like his efforts on the Facebook page his mom writes for him.  As for Mac, he isn’t allowed to officially join until he turns 13.

If you have any doubts about young people wanting to help save the world, see the link to the We Day event at Seattle’s Key Arena.  With over 15,000 middle and high school students in attendance, the kids ruled the day.  All of them had to earn their way in by doing something to help others.  You could not buy a ticket.

The event was supported by celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Magic Johnson, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll.

“We fundamentally believe that you don’t turn 18 and then develop a social conscience. You need to have the opportunity to engage on social issues at a young age,” said We Day co-founder Marc Keilburger. He has a personal connection because he and his brother, Craig, started a charity to help child slaves at just 12-years-old.


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