Worst Charities Reveal Our Softest Spots

Last week the Tampa Bay Times published a ranking of the 50 worst charities based on the amount of money paid to solicitors and the percent of funds actually paid directly to aid the cause.  Tampa Bay reporters reviewed ten years of available tax return filings to produce the list, and found that the worst […]

Nancy Brinker Finally Bows Out

After years of battling bad PR and dwindling donations, Susan G. Komen announced a new CEO to replace founder Nancy Brinker.  Brinker was recently criticized in the press for having an astronomically sized salary, higher than the CEO of the Red Cross, an organization ten times the size of Komen.  This news was on top […]

Science Fiction Inspires Philanthropy

Chrysalis is a nonprofit foundation in Los Angeles that is backed by some high profile Hollywood stars, including Colin Farrell, Lea Michele and J.J. Abrams.  The organization focuses on helping the homeless population of Los Angeles build skills and find jobs in order to work their way to self-sufficiency.  This weekend Chrysalis held the annual […]

Location of Donation

Think back on all the times you donated to a cause.  Did you buy candy bars for your child’s school bake sale?  You knew where the money was going and had faces to attach to the causes. Nationwide, millions of people have donated to help ease the tragedy of the Newtown school shootings.  The Red […]

Nancy Brinker Raking in Record Salary

Susan G. Komen CEO Nancy Brinker has breast cancer advocates up in arms again.  A little more than a year after the massive public outcry about the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to cut funding for breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood (for what is considered political reasons), media outlets announced today that the infamous […]

Giving 2.0 Lets You Take Stanford Graduate Class for Free

A new initiative called Giving 2.0 is based on the teachings of Laura Arrillaga-Adreessen, a philanthropy scholar and practitioner in Silicon Valley.  Andreessen teaches philanthropy at Stanford University, and has hopes that all college students will learn how to give strategically instead of sympathetically in order to make a bigger impact.  The new initiative, named […]

More Disasters Worry Relief Fund in West

The April 17 explosion at West Fertilizer Company in West, Texas killed 14 people and injured over 200.  The damage to schools, homes and facilities is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, the steady stream of donations is running dry as the news trucks pack up and head to sites of deadly […]

Taxes and Charity Are a Double Edged Sword


There is a strange relationship between charity and taxes.  Tax deductible donations are currently honored for those that itemize their tax returns, reducing tax payments by up to 39.6% of the eligible donation.  With a budget crisis at hand, lawmakers are considering capping that tax break down to 28% of each dollar donated.  The University […]

How to Choose a Charity

Charitable donations can include either time or money--you don't have to be rich!

I would be hard-pressed to find somebody who didn’t want to help out and give back.  However,  picking just one charity to volunteer with or donate to can be a challenge.  There are so many different deserving organizations.  The list can feel overwhelming.  It’s almost enough to make a person want to give up.  But […]