Giving 2.0 Lets You Take Stanford Graduate Class for Free

A new initiative called Giving 2.0 is based on the teachings of Laura Arrillaga-Adreessen, a philanthropy scholar and practitioner in Silicon Valley.  Andreessen teaches philanthropy at Stanford University, and has hopes that all college students will learn how to give strategically instead of sympathetically in order to make a bigger impact.  The new initiative, named after Andressen’s best-selling book about giving, provides all of her courses notes, lectures and materials that anyone can use to learn about philanthropy on their own or for instructors to use in their classrooms.

Giving 2.0

Image: Giving 2.0

As the daughter of a land developer and wife of a venture capitalist, Laura’s thinking is on par with the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.  She credits her accomplishments to a life-long addiction to innovation.  She founded Silicon Valley Social Venture (SV2) in 1998 and has since issued almost 40 grants and has collected hundreds of inventors in order to leverage truly productive, impactful change.  She now manages Giving 2.0, which also awards grants and is the vehicle for Project U, the education materials she has collected in 13 years of teaching.

Project U includes 26 case studies from the Stanford School of Business, 21 teaching notes documents, 20 activity guides, syllabi, videos and wikis to support educators in the ways of productive generosity.  Andreessen explains that nearly $300 billion is given to charity every year, and feels that money is currently coming from a place of emotion rather than researched, educated goal setting.  Her goal is to make sure that money is funneled more efficiently and get as many people as possible educated on giving smartly.


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