Bill Clinton Makes The Hollywood Reporter Cover

Inside the Hollywood Reporter issue, Bill Clinton is seen leaning casually against a window ledge, talking to top sports agent Casey Wasserman, who works with him for the Clinton Foundation and shares the cover photo with the former president.  Wasserman calls Bill Clinton a philanthropy mentor, and the two of them have a close partnership […]

Quadruple Amputee Finds Life, Love

Taylor Morris is so many things.  He was a soldier who fought in Afghanistan.  He is a devoted boyfriend with a drive to succeed in life.  He is also a quadruple amputee.  How he found the courage to go on, against all the odds, is kind of a miracle. With more and more people returning […]

Deserving Dollars

Who deserves to win at life?  According to a series of studies, rich people do—at least according to rich people.  Wait just a minute!  What does that mean?  Doesn’t everyone believe they deserve to win and prosper?  Apparently not, if you believe these controversial studies. In one California study, people driving luxury cars were less […]

Get Some Bling for a Good Cause

The Diamond Empowerment Fund, a jewelry industry charity, has recently announced pieces of fine jewelry that will be sold this year to raise money for educational programs in Africa.  The collection for 2013 features jewelry designs from three members of the fund, who will donate 10% of sales to the empowerment fund. Royal Asscher designed […]

The (Charitable) Show Must Go On

One thing you cannot accuse Mariah Carey of is shirking from work.  In 2001 she was hospitalized out of sheer exhaustion, and although she has learned how to scale that workaholic tendency back long enough to have twins, it did not keep her from singing in a sling at a benefit concert this month. Mariah […]

Non-profits Head to the Cloud

In the old days, if you said you were “working in the cloud,” people would say you should get your head out of it and stop daydreaming.  However, these days “the cloud” has a whole new meaning – one that non-profits are catching onto due to its many benefits. According to The Wireless Association, more than […]

Drinking for Charity: “Philanthropubs”

Nonprofit pubs are the new trend around the world.  As the popularity of craft breweries rises, many beer-related businesses are looking for ways to create community ties and help people who are struggling after the economic downturn.  In the book Making Good, authors Billy Parrish and Dev Aujila discuss how the digital age has given […]

The Elephant Ball Attracts Royalty

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were seen donning elaborate animal masks made by England’s top designers on July 9th at the Lancaster House in London.  The royal couple was attending The Animal Ball, a fundraiser held by The Elephant Family, which works to help save endangered species and promote environmental conservation in Asia.  […]

How to Start a Charity

If you read this blog, there is little doubt you’ve thought of starting your own non-profit organization someday.  Maybe you already have an idea that you believe will make a great impact on your community or another area of the world you have interest in.  Starting a charitable initiative can be overwhelming.  Incorporating your organization […]