Presidential Yacht Raises Money for Charity


President John F. Kennedy
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The yacht made famous as President Kennedy’s favorite vacation spot is now being used for charity fundraisers, charging patrons $1,000 to wax nostalgic in an iconic piece of American history.  The yacht was purchased several years ago by an oil executive and underwent a long restoration process, so that now the yacht shines in its original glory.

Currently the ship is based in Kennedy’s hometown of Boston and tickets to get on the ship are flying fast.  The voyages are being used to raise money to help terminally ill children, but the buzz seems centered around the privilege of being able to ride the yacht that Kennedy named “Honey Fitz” after his grandfather’s nickname.

While the yacht was built in 1931 and served four other presidents and the Coast Guard during World War II, most people remember it for being a relaxing activity of the Kennedy family, images that symbolize an easier time in America.  While the yacht had other names and colorations, the new owner’s father was a classmate of Kennedy’s and felt that its life as the Honey Fitz was the most important.


The yacht’s mission is to raise awareness for charitable organizations.
Image: Shutterstock

The yacht is 93 feet long and white with rich mahogany trim.  It has one grand stateroom and several large living areas inside and out.  The yacht’s stated mission is to raise awareness for charitable organizations and their causes.

The three hour charity cruise, named the Camelot Cruise as a nod to the Kennedy Era (also referred to as Camelot) can accommodate up to fifty people at a time and will include dinner and dancing.  The cruise to benefit the Boston Area is set for August 3, 2013.


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