Pink Lemonade for Peace

pink lemonade

Pink Lemonade for Peace has raised over $20,000.
Image: Shutterstock

What type of person do you think of as an activist?  Do you imagine the greasy hair of somebody who has been camped out for days?  Do you think of a big, bushy beard since that person hasn’t shaved?

Well, take a look at Jayden Sink.  She’s only five-years-old and her blonde hair is styled in pigtails.  But don’t be fooled by her cuteness.  She’s serious about activism.

Jayden lives in the rainbow-painted Equality House across the street from the headquarters of the Westboro Baptist Church.  That’s the same group that accused Oklahoma tornado victims of being sinners.  Their messages are often filled with hate and anger.

Jayden knew that was wrong and went to work.  She decided to open a pink lemonade stand as a counter-protest to the bigotry of the church.  She called her stand Pink Lemonade for Peace.  Jayden asked for a $1 suggested donation and let customers know that her proceeds would go toward spreading messages of love and peace.

peace dove

Jayden Sink, 5, opened her lemonade stand to help spread messages of love and peace.
Image: Shutterstock

Sink didn’t expect to raise that much money, but when people heard about her efforts, they drove out to donate.  She collected hundreds of dollars and even started an online fundraiser, which has currently raised over $20,000.

Unfortunately the WBC also heard about the fundraising.  They actually called the police to try to get them to shut her down.  When that failed, they yelled obscenities and screamed at the five-year-old.  Rarely does that method ever win anyone over.

Jayden may get her love of activism from her father.  Her dad, Jon, is the founder of the philanthropic foundation FRESHCASETTE Creative Compassion.  Their goal is to showcase videos, art and music with humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.


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