The (Charitable) Show Must Go On

One thing you cannot accuse Mariah Carey of is shirking from work.  In 2001 she was hospitalized out of sheer exhaustion, and although she has learned how to scale that workaholic tendency back long enough to have twins, it did not keep her from singing in a sling at a benefit concert this month.

Mariah Carey donned a sequined white sling with a fur cover to match her sparkling white gown on July 13 in Central Park in New York.  She performed with the New York Philharmonic in a charity concert organized by the Major Baseball League to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts.  The veteran pop star had been hospitalized a week earlier after dislocating her shoulder and cracking a rib during a music video shoot.

She performed four songs, several greatest hits and her newest single. American Idol judge Randy Jackson made a surprise appearance to accompany her for one of her songs.  Afterward, Ms. Carey posted a photo of herself on Instagram and said that it was an honor to sing with the philharmonic.  In spite of the pain, she wrote, she wouldn’t have missed that night for anything.  The Philharmonic performed several more pieces, including Randy Newman’s score for the baseball themed movie “The Natural.” Former Yankees manager Joe Torre read “Casey at the Bat,” a famous baseball-themed poem.

Part of the baseball All-Star game and surrounding festivities, the concert was to help bolster the one million dollar commitment from the MLB to hurricane Sandy victims.  Overall, the league donated 5 million dollars to local charities.  The All-Star Baseball game followed the festivities on Tuesday, July 16th.

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