Bill Clinton Makes The Hollywood Reporter Cover

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton.
Anthony Correia /

Inside the Hollywood Reporter issue, Bill Clinton is seen leaning casually against a window ledge, talking to top sports agent Casey Wasserman, who works with him for the Clinton Foundation and shares the cover photo with the former president.  Wasserman calls Bill Clinton a philanthropy mentor, and the two of them have a close partnership to help combat childhood obesity.  Wasserman’s company represents top athletes who have agreed to speak in schools and organizations around the country about how to eat healthy and exercise.  Clinton says that hearing the message of health from respected sports figures really resonates with children and gets them inspired and excited.

The democratic leader had a strong following among the Hollywood elite during his presidency, and he is using his star power to affect change not only through the Clinton Foundation but the also through the Clinton Global Initiative, which works to create worldwide sustainability.   Bill Clinton has teamed up with Matt Damon, Ben Stiller, Barbara Streisand and Eva Longoria for various charitable projects.

Casey Wasserman is a young entrepreneur who founded a professional arena football team and formed his own company on top of managing his grandfather’s namesake charitable foundation.  Clinton says that Wasserman, at 39 years old, is part of a generation that expects change for the better and is fueling a new force of philanthropic work.  Thanks to a connection with through his grandfather, Wasserman found himself hosting a fundraiser for Clinton’s foundation at age 26.  He says that his upbringing and grandfather’s influence meant that giving back was always an expectation.

The Hollywood Reporter issue also features fifteen other celebrity philanthropists, including producer Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Seacrest as founders of charitable organizations.  Pretty faces Selena Gomez, Heather Graham and Robin Wright are also featured for their work promoting awareness and raising funds.


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