Check Out the 2014 Calendar Heroes


The FDNY Foundation just released its 2014 Calendar of Heroes.
Image: Shutterstock

The New York Fire Department annual Calendar of Heroes for 2014 was released last week by the FDNY foundation.  The calendar features thirteen active firefighters in New York City, finalists from hundreds of submissions started by the public relations circuit on a local morning show.  The calendar features one firefighter for each month and contain a fire safety message for each page.  Proceeds from the calendar go toward fire safety and prevention causes through the FDNY Foundation.

Between fifty and one hundred semi-finalists were evaluated and interviewed for the calendar selection.  The firefighters say that being chosen is an honor and that selection is highly competitive.  Firehouses are proud of the selected calendar men.  The firefighters say they are always in good shape for the job but definitely worked a little harder on their appearance for the calendar and the subsequent promotions.  The final calendar features each man posing shirtless with an iconic city scene or firehouse behind them.  You can get a sneak peak at the models for the charitable calendar at the foundation’s website.

The FDNY Foundation raises money for public safety programs as well as training and education for firefighters.  Further, they purchase supplies and equipment to firehouses around the city.  The public safety programs include classes, materials and resources for the public to protect themselves in the case of a fire or other disaster.  It funds a management class series for firefighters, as well as a simulator for new fire fighters to practice and a health and wellness program for the department.

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