Thieves Return Stolen Goods to Charity

I'm sorry note

The thieves returned the goods with a note saying they were sorry.
Image: Shutterstock

After the San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services was robbed last week, director Candy Stalling received a call from the police to come to the building late on a Friday night.  Thieves had broken in through the roof of the building and stolen computers, laptops, books and candy.  Stallings was afraid the sexual assault services charity would have difficulty recovering from the loss, especially when she was called back to the office by police several hours later.  Police said some strange activity had been going on outside of the office while they monitored the location in the wake of the robbery.  Stallings returned to the site, where police found a shopping cart at the entrance of the building, filled with the stolen goods.

Inside one of the laptops was a note from the thieves.  It read, “We had no idea what we were taking. Here is your stuff back. We hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. God Bless.”

The Director of the San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services said it was not surprising that the thieves did not know who they were stealing from.  The building is not clearly marked and the full name of the organization is not fully printed on the building, for the purpose of protecting the privacy of victims who seek services there.  Stallings did say, however, that she does not believe the thieves would have returned the stolen equipment and goods if at least one of them didn’t have a connection with the cause.  Most people don’t pay attention to sexual assault unless they are a victim or know someone who is, Stallings told reporters.  The act of compassion made her wonder who the thieves were, and said that her heart was full of forgiveness once the items were returned.

Police say they are still investigating the robbery and still plan to bring the thieves to justice.  They caused damage to the building and cut the phone and internet lines to the office.  Also, police say, they still committed burglary and need to answer for their crimes.


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