The Country’s Most Charitable 8-Year-Old

When a child is willing to forgo presents, you know you are looking at a special kid.  Most kids take one look at a wrapped box and forget all rational thought.  Not Jay Fair, an 8-year-old from Rowlett, Texas.  Yes, his last name is actually Fair.

Jay’s birthday was coming up.  Instead of asking for a new bike or a Lego set, he opted for a pair of new shoes to give away to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation.  That’s an organization that collects shoes for children who lost everything in the tornadoes that came through Moore in May.

birthday presents

8-Year-Old Jay Fair collected 82 pairs of shoes for donation.
Image: Shutterstock

“I follow severe weather constantly and have always wanted to be a storm chaser when I grow up,” Fair said. “I’m also really into sports so when I heard Kevin Durant made a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross to help the victims, it got me thinking I could do something too.”

He wrote a letter to everyone he knew urging them to send pairs of shoes instead of other presents.  Fair made sure to request the shoes be new so the recipients would actually want to wear them.

“The idea has been Jay’s from the beginning,” said Jamie Fair, Jay’s father. “He’s made a tremendous effort so far and genuinely wants to help those affected.  Also, his initial note to family and friends has slowly spread and he’s gathered more than he expected.”

Fair recently visited the Kevin Durant Basketball Camp in Oklahoma.  He was lucky enough to meet Durant in person and work on his game.  At that time, Fair officially donated the 82 pairs of shoes he collected and took pictures with Durant.

The Foundation thanked Fair for the generous donation and for his selflessness.  They were reminded that one person can really make a difference.  They said they hope to involve him in foundation events in the future.

“What a cool little kid with a big heart,” Durant said. “Jay is an inspiration to us all.”

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