Say It With Heart


Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes it’s hard for an organization or company to cut through the clutter and craziness of the daily melee.  Advertisements glare at you from the sides of buses.  Billboards dot the landscape.  There is white noise all around.  So, how do you get through to potential investors or customers?

You personalize and tell your story in such a way that it touches people.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes you don’t even need one word.

Recently I watched a video put out by the Mormon Church.  However, it’s a non-denominational video about charity and love.  There were absolutely no words in the entire video.  Yet, it was able to convey the animated storyline perfectly.

Peaceful Christmas music plays in the background.  A mother gives her child a new red coat.  The boy goes out in the snow and has a snowball fight, jumping and playing in the snow in his coat.  On the way home, he notices a poor child dressed in tatters in the alleyway.  He pauses briefly and then places the coat on the younger boy’s back.

Upon arriving home, the boy’s mother looks worried.  She sees the new coat is gone.  The boy explains (using a cut-frame to the incident) that he gave his coat away to a poor child.  Instead of being angry, the boy’s mother tears up.  She is proud of her son for doing an act of kindness.

It’s striking that a video can so clearly paint a picture and make a statement without one word.  Organizations should take note of this. Social media is taking over.  Companies need to look a little outside the box if they want to grab people’s attention.  Vimeo, Vine and Instagram all have video sharing capabilities.

Think about what you want to say, but say it with heart.

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