Battling Poverty in the South

A study done over the summer by Harvard and UC Berkley shows a map of upward mobility statistics in the United States.  A story that was popular in the New York Times highlighted the fact that the Southeastern United States has a significantly lower rate of people who can rise out of poverty over their […]

House Fire for Random Acts of Kindness Day Founders

When their two-year-old daughter, Emily Grace, died suddenly while sleeping in her crib, the Gutreuter family cried a lot.  Then they decided to do something to make her death count.  They founded Random Acts of Kindness Day.  While the family is now known for taking care of others, they recently found themselves in need of […]

Charity Shops

Are you thinking about buying a new blouse or a cool new pair of jeans?  Do you head out to Nordstrom or Macy’s?  You could, but consider a whole other possibility: the charity shop.  These are shops, which typically sell clothing and household items, which donate a portion of their profits to charity.  The clothes […]

Top Five Worst Charities

With all the goodwill in the world, there are so many amazing charities doing great things all over the world.  They are providing water to communities who lack adequate access to clean water.  They are improving health care all over the world.  They are supporting smart, hard-working women and minorities and boosting them up. However, […]

Fundraiser Events for Your Cause

Believe it or not, the holiday season is coming, which means it is the time of charitable giving.  If you are looking to raise money for a cause, there are a lot of ways you can get people’s attention and ask for donations.  It can also be fun to sell items or promote events.  Here […]


A popular trend for nonprofits is the Twitter buzz for Charity Tuesday.  Using the hash tag #charitytuesday, Twitter users promote their favorite causes and organizations ask users to share.  The result is more awareness, engagement and discussion about forces for good around the world.  For example, here is the roundup for Charity Tuesday a few […]

Rescuing Truckloads of Dogs

Did you know that it is legal to sell dogs for consumption in China?  And, yes, there are people who do eat dog there.  However, not everybody wants to see that happen.  There are people in the Jiangsu Province of China who rescue these animals. In fact, a group called the Ping An A Fu […]

Valspar Paint Auctions off Celebrity Handprints

Actor Josh Duhamel helped Valspar Paint launch its charity fundraiser Hearts & Hands for Humanity on Monday, August 19th.  The Las Vegas star showed cameras a bright blue hand to illustrate the handprints on paper hearts by a handful of celebrities that are being sold to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.  Duhamel attended the […]

How To Create a Giving Circle

For most families, giving to charity means scraping together twenty or fifty dollars a few times a year, perhaps volunteering for an event once in a while.  They might give a dollar to an unknown cause when prompted by a cashier at a grocery store.  People who are not billionaires do not make big waves […]

EA Humble Bundle Raises $10.5 Million for Charity

A trend in the game industry, started by several small independent game companies, is the Humble Bundle.  A humble bundle is a pack of games that gets sold together for a very low price and proceeds get donated to charity.  Users are able to get cool games for cheap, companies get to look good and […]