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Follow the trend: start tagging your favorite charities on Tuesdays!
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A popular trend for nonprofits is the Twitter buzz for Charity Tuesday.  Using the hash tag #charitytuesday, Twitter users promote their favorite causes and organizations ask users to share.  The result is more awareness, engagement and discussion about forces for good around the world.  For example, here is the roundup for Charity Tuesday a few weeks ago.

Actress Kristin Davis of Sex in the City fame promised to follow anyone who donates twenty dollars to save two elephants from poachers in Kenya.  The Kristin Davis Foundation is funding the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which uses helicopters to respond to elephant injuries and track poachers so they can be arrested.  Funders are also entered to win a Kindle Paperwhite signed by the passionate celebrity.

Nonprofit consultant Jessica Verano made the point that 70% of the world’s poorest people are women.  She asked visitors to stop by Dosomething.org and get involved by giving a twenty-five dollar microloan to help women lift themselves out of poverty.  The campaign is in partnership with microfinance funder Kiva.org.

Malaria No More uses the hashtag to reveal their mission: born out of the simple insight that to end malaria is the best humanitarian investment we can make in the world today.  Malaria No More is supported by recording artist Katharine McPhee and first lady Michelle Obama.

Diane N, an active Twitter user with over 8,000 followers suggests following the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Oceana and the Sea Turtle Conservancy.  The Mo Farah foundation is directing users to its website to learn about how to end suffering in Somalia.

The increase of engagement and activism on Twitter will likely prove to be a great thing for charities worldwide.  Never has the world been able to communicate so quickly, cheaply and on this wide of a scale.  No matter what your cause, don’t forget to hit Twitter and promote it!

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