Top Five Worst Charities

wasting money

Not all charities spend money wisely.
Image: Shutterstock

With all the goodwill in the world, there are so many amazing charities doing great things all over the world.  They are providing water to communities who lack adequate access to clean water.  They are improving health care all over the world.  They are supporting smart, hard-working women and minorities and boosting them up.

However, there are occasionally some rotten apples in the barrel.  These are five of the worst charity organizations, so don’t waste your time or money on them.  They were chosen based on how much money they waste on soliciting costs.

  1. Project Cure from Bradenton, FL took in $51.5 million but spent $20.4 million on soliciting costs.  Yet, somehow each year they outspend what they raise.  That leaves zero percent to go directly to the cause of finding a cure for cancer.
  2. Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth also outspent their earnings.  They raised $19.6 million but spent $16.1 million on solicitation.  The rest of the money has been spent on salaries for the owners.
  3. The Kids Wish Network raised a whopping $127.8 million and spent $109.8 million for solicitors.  That’s about 50 percent of their entire budget.  Only 2.5 percent went to the actual cause.  Something is wrong with this picture.
  4. The Cancer Fund of America earned $98 million and spent $80.4 million on solicitors.  Now, I may not be great at math, but that’s way more than half their budget.  Yikes!
  5. The Youth Development Fund raised $29.7 million and spent $24.5 million on solicitors.  Again…way more than half.

Now, I’m not saying these organizations are not trying to accomplish great things.  Some of them actually do real good deeds.  However, they need to cut down on the budget spent on hiring and paying solicitors.  Try instituting a social media campaign.  It would save them a ton of money and allow them to put more toward their goals in the first place.


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