Charity Shops

charity shop

Charity shops donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.
Image: Shutterstock

Are you thinking about buying a new blouse or a cool new pair of jeans?  Do you head out to Nordstrom or Macy’s?  You could, but consider a whole other possibility: the charity shop.  These are shops, which typically sell clothing and household items, which donate a portion of their profits to charity.  The clothes are cheap to start with, saving you a bundle and doing a good deed for the world.

You may have to hunt for them, as charity shops are often a little off the beaten path, and the Brits are leading the way.  In June, Wroughton-based charity Prospect Hospice opened a clearance shop selling items for just one British pound, or about $1.50.

They essentially take all the other items that haven’t sold elsewhere, and are still in good condition, and try giving them a new lease on life.  So far the store has done very well.  Their neighbor runs another charity store called Prospect Store.  “The shop is seen as a way to achieve maximum value from donations.”

Lucy Weeks, 30, manager of Prospect Store said, “As a local charity, we have to work quite hard to compete with the national charities.  Every shop needs to cater to its local surroundings and therefore specialize in certain items.”

During the economic downturn, spending slowed at the larger charities.  However, shops like Lucy’s did exceptionally well.  She says the shops have actually become quite fashionable.


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