House Fire for Random Acts of Kindness Day Founders

house fire

The founders of Random Acts of Kindness Day suffered a house fire recently.
Image: Shutterstock

When their two-year-old daughter, Emily Grace, died suddenly while sleeping in her crib, the Gutreuter family cried a lot.  Then they decided to do something to make her death count.  They founded Random Acts of Kindness Day.  While the family is now known for taking care of others, they recently found themselves in need of some help.

The fire department is still investigating the cause of the blaze of a fire that ripped through the Gutreuter home in Noblesville, Indianna causing $140,000 worth of damage.  They are saying the home may be a total loss.  Their two cars were burned beyond the point of use.  They may never be able to return to their home, and an adjustor is making that decision soon.

Despite the pain of loss, the family is trying their best to say positive.  They have found that the entire community has come out to help them, paying it forward.  So far they have received money, furniture and offers of where they can stay temporarily.  The Red Cross has even paid for them to stay at a hotel until Sunday.

The Gutreuters have four children from ages 6 to 19, and it was the oldest who noticed the fire and escorted everyone outside.  Luckily nobody was hurt.

“My goodness we have been so surrounded with love and support, it’s been incredible,” the mother told The Huffington Post.

Many groups have pledged their support including Hinkle Creek Elementary School, Noblesville High School and the family’s church, the Church for the Nations.

“We know how to do hard. We have the faith in God on our side and an incredible support system from church and friends. But I would like not to do hard for a while. I would like easy,” Gutreuter said.

The family has gone through so much with the death of their daughter and this fire.  It’s heartening to know that positive things can be born from such despair.  The Gutreuters started Random Acts of Kindness Day on Oct. 15, 2012, to keep Emily’s legacy alive. It was an instant success.

While the Gutreuters took part by buying other peoples’ meals, other people bought groceries for strangers and other kind acts.  When the Gutreuters were asked if they planned to keep up the tradition, they said, “You better believe we are.”

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