The Robin Hood Foundation Raises $5 Million to Fight Poverty

This week, leaders in global economy gathered to gain invaluable insider tips from prominent hedge fund managers, all in the name of charity. The Robin Hood Foundation hosted their inaugural “Investors Conference,” which raised $5 million for fighting poverty in NYC. 100% of the proceeds will be put towards the honorable cause, with the help […]

The Newest Way to Raise Money for Charity: Lap Dances

  There have been a lot of creative money making schemes over the years, and those who run charities may just know that the best out of everyone. Running a charity is a difficult thing to do, and nonprofits must keep their costs low and donations high. But luckily for many charities, lots of businesses […]

Charitable Donations Falling Flat this Year

With most Americans tightening their budget belts and watching each dollar that goes out the door, charities are feeling the effects of an uncertain economy. Though the economy is certainly up from where it was when the market crashed in 2008, many people are still struggling to make ends meet. According to the Associated Press, […]

How to Choose a Charity (Infographic)

How do you choose the right charity for you? It all starts with a simple question: what are YOU passionate about? If we gave to every single cause that pulled at heartstrings, we’d all be broke. It’s hard, but often we have to choose which charity or charities mean the most to us and then […]

Global Compassion Emerges in the Wake of Tragedy

When the Philippines were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month, it didn’t take long before relief began to flow from all across the globe. In times of tragedy, it is heartening to see people come together to support their fellow human beings; much of the disaster relief can be attributed to the monetary and […]

How to Best Help the Philippines? Money.

Last year around this time, the U.S. was reeling from Superstorm Sandy’s touchdown on the east coast; but Sandy was a toddler compared to Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines on November 8th.  And, knowing that things are much worse in the Philippines than they were last year in New York, many are looking for […]

Food Pantry: Putting an End to Childhood Hunger

It’s a pretty sad situation when you know you don’t have enough money to feed your kids.  It puts a pit in your heart knowing you want nothing more than to provide a healthy meal for them.  Yet, there is hope.  Food banks across the country help put food on the table and in our […]

This 15-Year-Old Kid Just Wants a Family to Love Him

Davion Only, a 15-year-old boy, has been in the foster care system his whole life.  His mom was in jail when he was born, and he found out on the Internet that she had died without him ever meeting her.  Davion has certainly had a hard life, but he has the same needs and wants […]

Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt

Hey breast cancer, we’ve got your number.  You’re going down.  There are organizations around the world ready to fight you and take you on.  Look out, because these groups are bad-ass, and they’re going to kick your butt. Who says you can’t be tough and still wear pink?  BareMinerals has teamed up with the Keep […]