Food Pantry: Putting an End to Childhood Hunger

It’s a pretty sad situation when you know you don’t have enough money to feed your kids.  It puts a pit in your heart knowing you want nothing more than to provide a healthy meal for them.  Yet, there is hope.  Food banks across the country help put food on the table and in our tummies.

One food bank in San Francisco, that started over 10 years ago, is called The Food Pantry.  They operate out of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, and their mission is “to increase access to food for hungry people, and empower them to help each other.” The nonprofit is entirely volunteer-run, and they are always looking for people who want to pitch in.  That could be giving of your time or donating money or food.

community garden patch

Donating space at a community garden is a sustainable solution to hunger.
Image: Shutterstock

When they got started, The Food Pantry served about 35 families.  They have grown to serve up to 600 per week.  They have 1,200 registered individuals who are in need of food today.

I don’t know quite how they do it, but they say that just $1 provides groceries for a family for a week.  50 dollars provides food for a family for a whole year!  When I think about how much I spend on groceries for a month, it’s much more than that.

One girl said, “Sometimes my dad doesn’t pack me a snack because he doesn’t have enough money.  So what I would do was just drink some water from the fountain until my stomach’s full of water.  That’s what I would do.”

Her dad said, “I hated picking my kids up from school and hearing that they were hungry.  The community here is so generous that somebody donated a share at a community farm for my children and me to go pick fresh vegetables.”

They now go and pick vegetables once a week.  The little girl’s favorite thing to pick is strawberries.

Childhood hunger is still very real.  Please donate if you can.

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