Global Compassion Emerges in the Wake of Tragedy

When the Philippines were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month, it didn’t take long before relief began to flow from all across the globe. In times of tragedy, it is heartening to see people come together to support their fellow human beings; much of the disaster relief can be attributed to the monetary and humanitarian efforts sent from countries and organizations both great and small.

The United States Navy and Marines have launched a huge relief operation, and a Norwegian navy vessel reportedly delivered goods from the United Nations World Food Program, including “40 tons of rice, medical equipment and 6,200 body bags,” reports Voice of America. United Nations leader Ban Ki-moon assured that there would be a rapid response from the organization; the UN Disaster Coordination Team arrived promptly in the city of Tacloblan to give aid.

Typhoon Haiyan

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Taiwan has pledged $200,000 in aid.
Image: Shutterstock

According to The Telegraph, British Prime Minister David Cameron has personally reached out to president Benigno Aquino to pledge his support, and has already sent $6 million in emergency aid. The U.K. was also instrumental in organizing international humanitarian relief efforts. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister explained, “We have sent four humanitarian experts to the Philippines to assist three advisers already in the country helping to coordinate the international response.” Many countries have sent disaster experts, funds, supplies, and military personnel to help in the relief efforts. The European Commission, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, Unicef, and many other global institutions and smaller non-profits have raised disaster relief funds, and sent volunteers to help the Philippines recover from this devastating tragedy.

Even leaders in global trade have put their economic differences aside to help support the Philippines. For example, Taiwan, a nation that is strategically boosting its role as a regional trade hub, has already pledged at least $200,000 in relief efforts. “Taiwan is for real on the world trade stage,” says Sean King of Park Strategies, which means that every move it makes will impact its overall economy. It is uplifting to see that even competitive governments are able to see the ethical importance of lending a helping hand in times of tragedy.

Hopefully, as more aid is delivered to the Philippines, the country can soon start to rebuild and truly recover.

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